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Seavus: Drone & Bass - Presenting the brand values with rhythm and movement

about the client.


the challenge.

We were hired to do an uncovering video for the new, upgraded offices of Seavus, the regional leader in the IT industry. With over 2000 employees, working on the most demanding global projects, the company represents a unique place for the fast-track career development of the finest talents available on the market.

The task was to represent the offices in the best possible way, but at the same time, if possible, to show some of the brand’s values that will attract the appropriate talent. And these values are not exactly what you would imagine them from an IT company – ping pong tables, Friday noon cocktails, team buildings, and other non-work related perks. No, because Seavus attracts talents with the exciting global project and the best learning environment there is, as well as with the latest technology available. 

Another challenge was that the video should not be longer than 60 seconds, and it should showcase most of the 4000m2 offices, simultaneously trying to represent some of the mentioned company values.

the approach.

For us, it was obvious that it will be difficult to use the classic video production approach to show it all in 60 seconds. Therefore, we knew right away that we need to use any means possible to show the values, simultaneously, while showing the most of the office.


The first opportunity was the choice of technology that would provide us the dynamics that the standard cameras couldn’t, but at the same time give some taste of the company values related to frontier technologies. So the obvious choice was to fly an FPV Drone inside the offices. That would give us the much-needed visual dynamics and at the same time show our advanced technology choices, in line with the company values.

The second opportunity was with the scenario and the planned editing. We would use as many as possible one-take shots, dynamizing them with jump cuts. 

Finally, to show the work dynamics and the company’s excitingly busy environment, we decided that we should give the whole video a rhythm and sound mimicking dynamic keyword typing, somewhat like in fast coding.

the process.

We knew that the one-take inside shot with a drone would be a very complicated one, so we went in several days earlier to do a test run, which went pretty smoothly. That’s probably because we got the best FPV drone operator you can find. He flew under the tables, over the neon lights, and between the scale legs while the people from the renovating company were still working. So we knew we are good for D-Day.

We had everything planned in detail and shared it with the people from Seavus that participated in the shooting. To have better insight into the recorded scenes, we connected the VR glasses to a screen, so our Director had a live preview of the flight and could react immediately to any correction we needed.

As always, we did a slight overkill with the shooting, which gives us more opportunities in the editing phase, as well as more possibilities to tell the story in an original way.


the result.

The result was a very engaging dynamic video, that gives the perfect view of the offices in the time frame that we got, not risking boring the viewers. We got excellent feedback from the company employees, who were very proud of seeing their offices in this dynamic modern light and being part of a company that has really unique set of values, which among other things make it the undisputed leader in the industry. Also, the posts on social media with the video were the ones with the most engagements in a long time.

Finally, enough talking, here is the video worth many more words, so you can see the end result for yourself. Enjoy!

what they say about us.

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