case study

Scamper: Marketing Strategy based on giving (spoiler alert - it’s not giveaways)

about the client.

Scamper is an ed-tech company promoting the learn through play methodology with their original kid’s games.

the challenge.

As an ed-tech company, our client Scamper, had extensive knowledge of all digital channels, using them strategically and efficiently, and generating good results. Where they were struggling, was the brick-and-mortar sales points, which consisted mostly of toyshops and bookstores.

The challenge was that these stores mostly sold imported toys for which the margin was extremely high, mostly over 100%, sometimes reaching even 400% (yeah, I know, why aren’t we in that business yet). And Scamper couldn’t offer that kind of margin because their products are carefully crafted, environmentally friendly, from high-quality materials, and durable – everything consistent with the values of the company – to create better childhood for the children, which besides education through play, includes the care for the environment.

the approach.

We knew that there is no possibility to do anything with the margin without going against the brand’s values. So, it was obvious that we needed to find another way to increase the general value the toy stores gain if they start selling our products. We knew that our advantage was our extensive knowledge of digital channels and marketing, a segment where almost all of the toy stores failed.

We assessed all of their digital channels, did a small audit, and established that they were all very modest in driving traffic to their web properties. That’s how we knew that we might have something valuable for them, something that can convince them to include our product in their offer. 

Also, having conducted extensive research on children’s gift-buying habits, we knew that, buying on average 10 presents for their children and 9 for others’ children, one of the struggles for customers was to find the appropriate present. And to do it fast, because with their busy agenda they didn’t have time to go gift finding.

Enter – The Gift Finder

the process.

We created the first Gift Finder on the market, the only platform where you could find gifts based on simple filters in no more than 3 steps. The idea was that we will create a place for the general audience to find the perfect gift in the easiest way possible. At the same time, the gift finder was the perfect opportunity for us to contact the possible sellers of our game and offer them increased value for our cooperation by presenting their products on our Gift Finder.

Of course, we were using the platform as one of our main channels to promote our products in the most visible and native way for the clients that come with a strong intent of buying a gift for the children. So we reach at the bottom of the funnel, for the most precise audience there is. And all of this is based on our strategy of giving.

the result.

The result is the first Gift Finder on the Market, which you can access and use any time you have a need for it on this link –


what they say about us.

The agency provided creative and efficient ideas for promoting our brand, strongly connected to what the brand represents to us as founders. They gave us a way to express exactly this feeling to our audience in a way that felt so natural and obvious, perfectly creative in its simplicity.

Tamara Dimitrova, Co-founder
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