case study

Grouper - Communicating smart spending in time of saving

about the client.

Grouper is the company that introduced e-commerce and digital shopping in Macedonia with its group deals platform.

the challenge.

In times of crisis (energetic, economic, financial – all at the same time) everybody is only talking about saving. In such times, we went on a mission to help our beloved friends from Grouper to develop a campaign that will generate renewed brand awareness, increased website traffic, and as the final and most important result – more spending. 

So, bottom line, we needed to convince the audience to spend more, while being exposed to the enormous amount of messaging, communicating one thing and one thing only – saving. But what the heck – we love a good challenge.

the approach.

That it was time to save – it definitely was, and there was no such marketing strategy or communication that can convince anybody otherwise. But there is always a hole and we are here to find it.

The thing was – it was an obvious crisis, but you know what – our generation – we were born in crisis, we were raised in crisis and we even take pride in that. So, for us, it was “Crisis who?”. That was the typical Balkan stubborn spirit. Anyhow, it was a bit too much to promote financially unreasonable behavior, so we needed to find a middle ground and say “ok, we all need a brake from all this saving and crisis” and offer a solution.

That middle ground was to say – we need to save, yes, but we do not need to save on absolutely everything. Or – you need to keep living, even in crisis, and you can do that carelessly because you have us – the masters of deal finding – Grouper. We know that you are tired from everything, so just relax, we are here to help you save, while not saving on yourself.

And we had the slogan just like that – Save on everything, but not on yourself.

the process.

Now we needed appropriate examples to show that you can save in a smarter way, while not depriving yourself of the things you love. While doing that, we had to have in mind the business processes of the client. The main categories that were generating most traffic and revenue were the travel category and beauty and relaxation category.

So we decided to put the scenario in that context, developing 2 commercials – one with a travel topic, the other with beauty and relaxation, but both of them with the same slogan – you can save on everything, but you don’t need to save on yourself because Grouper is here to save for you.

When we had the scenarios in mind, we aligned the messaging with the client and refined them. There was a slight difference between the two ads – the first one showed the positive implementation of the message by the protagonist, and the second the wrong way to save on things. But we decided that was not an issue, because the umbrella messaging was very clear and gave appropriate context to both ads.

We had a lot of fun on the shooting day which is often the key to having an excellent product at the end. 

the result.

Even though we had a distribution plan put in place for different channels – we did adaptations in different formats of the ads (9:16, 1:1, 16:9) – for which we had a solid dedicated budget for sponsoring, the ads went organically viral from the start.

We got great reach and engagement, a lot of shares, and positive comments. What was most important, our insistence of having a vertical version of the video for Instagram and TikTok made a huge difference, because Instagram showed as the channel with the most traction. Also, that way we moved our communication to the younger audience, having in mind that Facebook was the client’s dominant channel.

what they say about us.

Our goal, as a new organization, was to gain recognition through a creative message in line with the values we promoted. Even though it was a tricky field. Zhar Ptiza managed to produce a video that became viral immediately, bringing us thousands of new followers across all channels.

Viktor Stojkovski - General Secretary
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