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GEA: Woman's Day Video - An example of Storytelling for causes

about the client.

Gender Equality Alliance (GEA) is an organization that stands for an inclusive culture, equality, and unlocking the powerful synergy between digitalization, e-commerce, and woman.
GEA - Gender Equality Alliance

the challenge.

Gender Equality Alliance (GEA) is an organization that stands for an inclusive culture, equality, and unlocking the powerful synergy between digitalization, e-commerce, and woman. After the first video we did for GEA, which proved to be a big success and a viral one, the bar was set high and we were in front of a challenge to deliver the same results again.

This time, the occasion was Woman’s Day, and the topic was inequality in the workplace. We needed to create a video that would be widely appealing and relatable to as wider as possible audience.

the approach.

We decided to stick to the winning formula from the previous video – a short film that would deliver the message through interesting and relatable dialogues and a witty punchline. Of course, the setup was clear – a general workspace and social dynamics between opposite genders in a male-dominated environment. 

We know we would build on some cliches, but we tried to use them as a build-up for the finale, and not as the main message of the video. That way we would establish a relatable scenario that would be still an original one if we manage to do the twist the right way.

the process.

It was very clear from the interviews we conducted before the development of the script, that the main frustration between women when it comes to Women’s Day is the lack of substantive discussion, and that the presents even somehow attribute to this, posing as a kind of indulgence for the injustice through the years.

Thus, we knew we should overtake the overtaken symbols by the establishment. The gifts, the flowers, but especially the pot as a kind of paradigm of the lack of discussion. By default, the bigger the pot, the worst the gender-based inequality and injustice were throughout the year. Also, the big pot with a flower itself is a kind of clumsy, graceless, and difficult to handle, exactly like the substantive discussion that should be initiated by the decision-makers in a company or organization.

So, we wanted to accentuate exactly that – the pot is sometimes just not big enough to keep all of the injustices suffered throughout the year. Additionally, we needed to offer a potential solution and create a tool that would enable the discussion in the companies, so we did a whole campaign, besides the video, sending specific pots as the one in the video, with a letter and an instruction of use to the biggest employers in the country.

the result.

The final result was a video, a short movie almost, but one that keeps the attention of the audience, as the analytics showed. We built the characters through a triptych of scenes, before delivering the punchline and the moral of the story.

The video generated more than 500 shares and more than 50.000 views in the first few days of publishing across social media. We also gained a lot of mentions in the social media post of the companies to whom we delivered the branded pots and letters.

You can watch the complete video on the link below.

what they say about us.

Our goal, as a new organization, was to gain recognition through a creative message in line with the values we promoted. Even though it was a tricky field. Zhar Ptiza managed to produce a video that became viral immediately, bringing us thousands of new followers across all channels.

Viktor Stojkovski - General Secretary
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