a little about us

The good wins, and not only in the stories

We are Zhar PtizaA creative agency for strategic communications, marketing and digital technology.

Zhar Ptiza (Firebird) is a motive and character from the Slavic mythology. It’s a bird that always attracts attention. It fascinates, it enchants, it makes you unable to stop thinking about what you have seen. 

The glowing rainbow feathers of the bird are magical and can be seen only by those who love beauty and seek to make beauty for othe 

our mission.

We exist to help create a world in which people, companies and organizations understand each other better. 

That is our mission.

In order to achieve it, we will share our expertise in crafting the right story, with the right audience in the right time.

our vission.

Our vision is a future in which the good wins more often. And good usually wins in stories.

Therefore, we will share with people, organizations and companies the wisdom of finding the
right story and the skill of sharing the right story.

our goal.

If we create a world in which true stories are
communicated, we will create a world in which good wins. That is our goal.

our motto.

We also believe that in the end, always, and not only in the stories, what is good, quality and honest, will find its way, will come to light, will stand out. It will win. 

That is why “Good wins” is our motto.


our process.

In order to find the right message, we work closely with you in exploring every bit of your story, before creating a concept that will suite your brand the best, and which you will be confident to represent.

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brand sprint






our values.

don’t be shy and meet us.

The Bird has many friends in all segments in which we can serve you, but these are the “resident” faces of the agency and your point of contact.

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delighted to share their stories.